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What we do

We are a leading internet group

Life is digital! BlackDivine began as an idea and has evolved into a major brand that changes the way people communicate with each other, share and create information. Today, our innovative websites attract millions of users through its innovative technology and breakthrough positioning.

We are a Startup Lab

We started BlackDivine Startup Lab because we believed we could build, grow, and accelerate companies in a unique way - in part because of our own experiences as founders and entrepreneurs, and in part because we can leverage our resources to help companies succeed.

We are a seed-stage venture capital fund

We invest a small amount of money. But at BlackDivine, we provide more than money. We provide smart money. We are actively involved with our portfolio companies, and have the energy, experience, and contacts to help take our companies to the next stage and beyond. Whether as a financial strategist, headhunter, investment banker, and corporate therapist, we provide support and confidence to the team. We believe that entrepreneurs are extraordinary individuals possessing exceptional intelligence, energy, vision and drive, and should have large stakes in their companies that can generate great wealth for those who make the early sacrifices. We bet on the ability of the founding team to develop their business, adapt to inevitable changes in their plans, and to grow with their companies. Successful founders will surround themselves with the best people they can.