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Our investments

Blackdivine Venture is the venture capital arm of BlackDivine, focused on early stage investment in technology-centric consumer Internet companies. Our investment policy is very different from that of many capital providers. We do not adopt an economy of scales logic when it comes to our investment portfolio. We do not hope to compensate losses incurred by 9 unsuccessful startups with a check we might cash on the occasion of the $200 million IPO of a star performer we invested in. We want to invest more than money into startups: we are willing to invest time and resources into a few projects that we deeply believe in.

We want to invest in real entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs at heart! We have started several companies in the past in the tech world, and we have enjoyed every moment. Along the way, we have learned so many critical pieces of knowledge and met so many awesome and highly capable people. We understand that starting a company is as much about product/market fit and fast reaching of break-even point than about meeting and working with great individuals. We are interested in the entrepreneurial adventure, in giving smart, trend-setting and hyper-active entrepreneurs the leverage they need to launch their revolutionary ideas.

Of course, we also wish to help entrepreneurs create an awesome service. A service that will change the way people work, play and live. A service that will grow rapidly from within today's bustling tech community and tower high among other successful web companies. We wish to help companies that will create real value based on useful service rendering, seamless user experience and outstanding technical solutions.

Most of all, we are looking for a strong fit. We want to personally follow the progress of the companies we invest in. We want to be there for fellow entrepreneurs when they really need it, be it in times of great victories or right in the eye of the storm. We want to get to know you and your team in order to appreciate the potential of a strong collaboration.

The companies we are interested in:

Our rule of thumb when it comes to investment is the following: we always keep to our areas of expertise! One can recognize great ideas that will make the lines shift if one is knowledgeable enough to observe the specificities of a project: the devil's in the details. Therefore, we are looking for entrepreneurs that are innovating within the reach of our own in-house specialties: Internet Businesses.

Since we want to create an effective synergy with our portfolio companies, we believe there needs to be face to face contact between you and us whenever one party feels it necessary. We would prefer you to be in one of the areas where we have offices or are often active. It does not mean that we are completely overlooking other locations, but we will look with more interest at files that are in the following metro areas: Los Angeles, New York City, Paris (France) and London (UK).

We are looking to invest at a very specific stage of the startup's life: around the time of launch. This is a very exciting time, since the solution already works (at least in a beta version), and because entrepreneurs finally get to gauge the fit between the solution developed and their target market. It is also a time of great danger for the company, since it is always essential to tweak the website functionalities, make radical technological choices and adapt sometimes greatly the business model. We believe that this is the time when we can bring the most to entrepreneurs, having gone through many launches ourselves and being able to help out at this critical time.

We are looking to invest anywhere between $15,000 and $200,000 of seed capital. We are ready to discuss the term sheet conditions with a company that we are really interested in, since we know every situation is unique.