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Application Form

If you land on this page, it is probable that you know a little more about Blackdivine Venture, and our Startup Lab by now. Since we believe that any investment should be based on confidence and because all parties involved should know each other before engaging any talks, we would like to hear more about you, your team and your project. Please fill out the form below and send us an executive summary, as well as any other material that you think will be of interest to us. We will pay more attention to the executive summaries that go over a majority of the following points:

  • Your idea: what problem do you address? What solution do you offer? What's new with your business idea?
  • Your market: what is your target market: demographics, size and location? How strong is your competition?
  • Business Model: What is your competitive advantage? How is your technology unique or replicable? What are your revenue streams?
  • Financial indicators: current monthly costs and revenues, if any? What is the structure of your equity, are there other investors already in your shareholders?
  • The immediate future: What are you missing right now? What can go wrong? What do you hope to obtain from Blackdivine Venture alongside capital?
  • The Funds: How much capital are you looking for? What equity are you offering?


Name of the company
Legal status of the firm
Planned launch date
Contact information (Email)

Please give us the following information for each founding member: name; position in the company; education (school and year); prior entrepreneurial experience and professional experience

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